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I have birthday soon, who would like to hold some keys?


I’ve been asked in the past if I consider corset training a necessary part of forced feminisation and the answer is a resounding YES. In the early days your gurl will resist but with the type of corset sold by ‘lacedandlocked’ you remain in total control. Your gurl can’t cheat and slip it off as soon as she gets to work (or when you leave the house) and then slip it back on just before she (or you) gets home. Some gurls really never properly adjust to corset training but as they look so pretty when properly shaped it’s just too bad and they must learn to live with it, who said being a gurl was going to be easy? I’ve found that corsets improve the ability of a gurl to bend from the waist with a straight back which is brilliant for strap-on work which I have something of a predilection for.

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